How to respond to recruiters

Subject: Unicorn Senior Dev Opportunity

Hi Jacques,

Hope you are doing well

Want a google style working environment, with flexi-hours, and oodles of other perks and benefits?

This is a working environment for the creative and free thinkers! We got it plus plenty more … this one is a Company Name you NEED on your Resume.

We are seeking unicorns to join the team.

If you are interested, please get in contact with me 🙂
got detailed specs which i can sent over

all the best

Cailin Meehan
Senior Consultant

Hi Cailin, Firstly - the term "unicorn" might not sit well with everyone; you'll get a lot further with me when refraining from using terms like "rock star", "ninja" and "unicorn" - I'm a person, not a stereotype. Secondly - I don't NEED any company's name on my resumé … you are interested in my profile, despite the omission of this company's name from my resumé - it is presumptuous to tell a person, that you do not know, what is good for them. You are welcome to send the spec to my@email.address and I'll tell you if I match the criteria, promptly. Regards Jacques

I never heard back from Cailin … shame … snowflake.