Back in the day, I used to do a lot of design and print work and building websites was a part-time affair. These days, I build ecommerce websites and (mostly) WordPress sites at my work away from work.

Below are some (fairly) recent projects that are still in circulation. As time goes by, a lot of earlier work has been revamped and, given that I typically write code these days, I won't be linking them as the design was mostly not my work.

If you're a designer looking for someone to hook you up with some code, please reach out if you wish to collaborate - I convert your bitmap to HTML/CSS/JS and/or WordPress.

Recent work …

Your website here

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Fun Learning for Youth

Wordpress website -

Abafazi Abakhayo

Wordpress brochure site with shopping -


Directory/listing WordPress site -

Personal blog site -

Paterson Cooke

WordPress responsive, multi-language company website -


Shopify site theme -


WordPress theme -


WordPress theme -

Cape Town Market

WordPress theme -

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Disable video autoplay on LinkedIn

LinkedIn (recently) included a feature that starts autoplaying videos on your timeline as you scroll then into view. In case you were wondering (as I was) how to prevent those annoying videos of/posted by Brett-you-know-who from autoplaying on your LinkedIn time line – wonder no more ...

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If you reference W3Schools ...

If you reference W3Schools as “spec” on stackoverflow, you are a bad person #justsaying

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Separation of concerns in CSS

I recently started a process of refactoring all the front-end code at my full time gig. I have also been reading tons of articles relating to style guides and pattern libraries … and, subsequently, just about every article on the topic of OOCSS, SMACSS and Atomic Design and just realised again how poorly the code base I inherited was designed/architected.

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